Rudy Giuliani Gonna Put @Jack IN JAIL For Censoring His Bullsh*t Russian Hunter Biden Propaganda!

Thing the first:

Remember how Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson read a tweet in public, where people could hear him, that was obviously a joke, about how he had strangled their beloved dog Buttons to death? The tweet, again, obviously a joke, hastened to add that Johnson had done no such thing, it was a lie, but it was important to retweet the story and know that more lies about Ron Johnson were coming. This was in a congressional hearing that featured witnesses Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and @Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Johnson was just very mad at @Jack for not taking that tweet down. Was that tweet not VOTER SUPPRESSION?

It was not. It was actually a great tweet commenting on Ron Johnson's shameless spreading of Russian propaganda about the Bidens that he has been TOLD ONE MILLION FUCKING TIMES is Russian propaganda.

Thing the second:

Remember how Rudy Giuliani said out loud with his mouth in public that there is about a 50/50 chance his Russian spy sources are Russian spies, but that even if everything he is spreading about the Bidens is 100 percent weapons grade Kremlin bullshit, the American people are "entitled" to hear about it? Yes, for real, he said that, in public, with his mouth!

Well, we have a Giuliani update that ties also into the Ron Johnson story, because Rudy told Sinclair Broadcast Group idiot Eric Bolling that @Jack needs to go to JAIL for not allowing the original debunked New York Postbullshit story on hUnTeR biDEn'S laPToP to be spread far and wide. JAIL, HE SAYS! JAIL!

It came after Dorsey's testimony where Ron Johnson read the funny tweet, where also Dorsey said yeah, Twitter did that, and they were right to do so.

Media Matters reports, because if you think we are transcribing some Giuliani bullshit right now, you are high:

Giuliani claimed Dorsey is "an accessory after the fact to the numerous crimes committed by Hunter Biden" supposedly revealed by the hard drive, including "bribery," "extortion," "racketeering," and "the endangering of children." He also claimed Dorsey is "covering up child pornography."

"Put him in jail," he added.

Do you see how Rudy keeps doing that? In his insane interview with Kennedy on Fox Business, he kept up with his insinuations that there are "underage girls" on "Hunter Biden's laptop," but never specified whether they were family pictures or child pornography. But when Kennedy confronted him on it, he replied, "I never said ABUSED." See how he's just putting "endangered children" and "underaged children" in the same sentence with "Hunter Biden," in order to insinuate without actually alleging directly that Hunter Biden did anything wrong?

It's almost like somewhere back in the darkest recesses of his addled brain, Rudy remembers something about being a lawyer.

Likewise here, where he says "endangering of children" about Hunter Biden and also says @Jack is "covering up child pornography." He just wants these words to be close together in the listener's mind, especially if said listener is a mentally unstable believer in QAnon. But don't try to say he actually SAID these things about Hunter Biden.

In this way, it's the "Not Touching, Can't Get Mad" theory of political ratfucking.

There was more Rudy:

Giuliani went on to accuse Twitter of "the worst invasion of rights in America" since "putting the Japanese in camps, except it's being done to all of us."

Absolutely. You betcha. For not spreading the Russian disinformation on the Bidens that was circulating around Ukraine a year ago and somehow made it into Rudy Giuliani's brain. It is just like putting the Japanese in camps, except for how we are all the victim.

If you want to watch the video of Rudy Giuliani talking about the manufactured bullshit about Hunter Biden on the "laptop" that Rudy refuses to share with people, and how literally ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT is too afraid of going after the Bidens for the very real crimes Rudy Giuliani has very real evidence of, you may knock yourself out.

In related news, here is Eric Trump bellyaching to Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night that Twitter is censoring him by hiding all his brilliance from people so they can't like or retweet it, claiming with a straight face — OK, whatever shape Eric's bad face is — that this is the "number one issue in politics in the last couple weeks."

Yep, that is definitely what is on America's mind right now. Eric Trump's lack of ability to connect to the morons who follow him on the internet. It is probably also just like putting Japanese people in internment camps.


Four days, fuckers.

[Media Matters]

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