Did you hear the one about how Rudy Giuliani is a stupid idiot dumbfuck who needs the internet to get off his lawn? Well!

Rudy Giuliani, who is not at all senile and is doing a bang-up job as Donald Trump's TV lawyer who barely implicates the president in any more than 10 crimes per week during nationally broadcast interviews, made a Twitter the other day.


Well, you see, Giuliani's elder paws are apparently very bad at using the space bar on his Jitterbug, so he forgetsto put in someofhisspaces some times.

And as any barely literate internet user knows, if you type "dot" and then something after that that happens to be a domain, like "dot gov" or "dot com" or "dot XXX," that will make a link. So Rudy Giuliani accidentally made a link to a web address called, which happens to be an Indian web address, for a site that did not actually exist.


Long story short, a funny person bought that Indian domain and gussied up a website that says this:

That's pretty chuckle-worthy!

Well guess who is not chuckling. No guess.


Everybody else on the internet has explained this, but "Helsinki.Either" didn't make a hyperlink because "dot either" is not a web domain.

Did you guys know that Rudy Giuliani, on top of being the goodest lawyer since Orly Taitz, was also a "cybersecurity adviser" to Donald Trump? Because he was really good at cyber?

We feel like you should know that fact.

Maybe Trump saw this video of Rudy Giuliani personally scanning the dark web for naughty stuff:

As tech website Engadget notes, Roodles the Clown has done this before. One time he ended a sentence in a tweet with the word "collusion" and then failed to put a space, so that it said, "collusion.So." And somebody bought the "dot so" domain and redirected "collusion dot so" to a section of the Lawfare website on Trump's Russia connections.

Youll be glad to know Rudy Giuliani seems to have learned his lesson this time, at least until he forgets his lesson and does this all over again and makes another senile tweet with bad spacing and before you know it he's accidentally advertising elder porn on his Twitter page. (Not that we're trying to come up with funny ideas for people with too much time on their hands. Never would we ever do that.)

Giuliani's latest tweet came after he attended George H.W. Bush's funeral this afternoon:

See? No bad spaces in that tweet at all. Just a bunch of very nice words and ... wait, "His Presidency was truly consequently"?

Fucking stupidass.

Anyway, have an OPEN THREAD now, if you want. Be safe out there on the internet, kids.

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Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst is the senior editor of Wonkette, which means he is the boss of you, unless you are Rebecca, who is boss of him. His dog Lula is judging you right now.

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The producers of your favorite live-action Jack Chick pamphlet, "God's Not Dead" -- you know, the one where the Hercules dude plays an evil philosophy professor who tells all of his students on the first day that they are no longer allowed to believe in god? As all secular professors do? -- have come out with a thrilling new movie, all about how abortion is bad or whatever.

The movie tells the "true" story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic worker turned professional anti-choicer. Johnson has been a darling of the forced birth circuit ever since she made up ridiculous and provably false reasons for quitting the Planned Parenthood that was about to fire her for being bad at her job.

Basically, she claims that Planned Parenthood was pushing her to make more abortions happen so they could reel in more dough, and also that she witnessed (for the first time ever!) an ultrasound-guided abortion and saw the baby move from the light and then immediately realized that what she was doing was wrong.

The thing is, however -- no ultrasound-guided abortions were performed on the day she said it happened, and the only reason there was an uptick in abortions at her clinic was because they started offering the abortion pill on a daily basis (and had previously only been performing surgical abortions every other Saturday).

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Now, one would think that her recent public appearance at a concert held in her honor would have put this to rest. Alas, it did not. Rather, the "researchers" (as they hilariously call themselves) determined that the concert was actually her funeral.

No. Really. That was a thing.

I admit that I gave this a lot more thought than I should have. Like, how did they think this would go? How long did they imagine this would go on for? Why would they risk having a full on funeral concert, open to the press? Wouldn't they just have not bothered to have a funeral at all? And what did these people think was going to happen when it was announced that she died for real? Or did they think that we were going to pretend that she is immortal and thus never announce her death? It's so confusing!

Being very up to date on the "RBG is secretly dead!" nonsense, I was very curious about which way the "anons" would go with this when they announced her return to work on Friday. They did not disappoint!

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