Rudy Wins 3rd Quarter Cash Battle, "Who Can Say 9/11 the Most" Competition

moneytrain.jpgRudy Giuliani raised more money than all the other Republicans in the third quarter, which means he now has a zillion dollars less than Hillary Clinton and Barry Hussein. Oh, and John McCain raised $6 million. Good for him! The former front-runner and presumptive nominee raised $1 million more dollars than hilarious nutcase Ron Paul! Clearly McCain should spend less time on his bus to nowhere and more time rigging online polls.

Overall the Republicans raised $100 million less than the Democrats, because America's wealthy plutocrats feel kinda guilty about the last 20 years. Not guilty enough to support John Edwards or anything, but a little sheepish. The problem may just be that the GOP are a bunch of fatties.

"I think you might be seeing Republican burnout," said Ed Rollins, a veteran GOP strategist. "You just have to look at the number of donors coming off the Internet, the numbers of younger donors now participating -- it's dramatic. The Democrats, they're out there, they're hungry. We just got fat, dumb, and happy."

And that's no way to go through life.

Giuliani Leads GOP 3rd-Quarter Money Race [WP]


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