Rummy Resigned Early

Turns out Donald Rumsfeld, the worst Defense Secretary in the history of bad Defense Secretaries, even counting fictional ones, including whoever was Defense Secretary when Lex Luthor was President, and who resigned in disgrace the day after the 2006 midterm elections, actually resigned the day before the midterm elections. So we're two days closer to winning in Iraq than we all thought!

Rummy wrote Bush a letter on November 6, Bush read it November 7, and the Republicans lost both houses. Reuters got the letter today and immediately showed it to Republicans, saying, "you got Punk'd!"

The letter doesn't mention Iraq, for the same reason George Allen's concession speech didn't mention golliwogs.

Rumsfeld has spent the year since his resignation shopping around a book that will presumably be called It Was Cheney's Fault.

Also Karl Rove secretly resigned a year ago, Dick Cheney has been dead since October of 2004, and Josh Bolten never existed at all.

Rumsfeld resigned before election, letter shows [Reuters]


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