Rumors of Rumsfeld's Demise: Greatly Exaggerated?

They appear to be unsubstantiated -- but since we specialize in unsubstantiated rumors around here, consider this speculation, from The Hotline:

secretary donald rumsfeld.jpgIt did not escape the notice of Washington wags that on the third anniversary of the commencement of major combat operations in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was nowhere to be seen on the Sunday shows.

And in an era when resignation rumors are, shall we say, overdetermined, his absence once again predictably is fueling an onslaught of Monday morning rumors.

They don't seem to be true, but several news organizations are chasing them anyway.

If you have any good gossip on this subject, please feel free to share. (But if you'd like to submit a rant against Rumsfeld, we'll pass; we're perfectly capable of writing our own anti-Rumsfeld rants.)

About Those Rumsfeld Rumors... [The Hotline]

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