Rumors On The Internets: A Fully Armed and Operational Media Conglomerate

* Rupert Murdoch shoots lightning bolts from his various "news" outlets at Hillary, mumbles something about her paying for "lack of vision." [Radar]

* Hillary betrayed by a pant suit. Hotline on Call]

* Rush Limbaugh's favorite place to eat in DC is same as Treasury Department employees' favorite place to score coke. [Media Matters]

* Christopher Dodd sends any old bullshit to the FEC, they're just an "accounting thing" anyway. [Political Insider]

* FBI says any old bullshit to the media, they're just an accountability thing anyway. [TPM Muckraker]

* Department of Homeland Security remembers to give SOTU the same security rating as the Super Bowl. [Suitably Flip]

* Military's new bunker-buster bomb has a pretty sweet porno name. [Military & Aerospace Electronics]

* TPM Muckraker Justin Rood bolting for ABC's The Blotter & Brian Ross' pretend phone. [TPM]


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