* Malkin gets a scalp ... of some official campaign blogger ... two years before anyone could possibly give a shit. [Navel of the Internet]

* The 27-page "weirdness report" on Rudy Giuliani leaves readers with a lingering sense of, "yea, obv." [The Smoking Gun]

* Who wants to see pictures of John Boehner crying? [Think Progress]

* Blogger rips venerable news magazine over reporting practices, universe remains unexploded. [Horse's Mouth]

* Osama's dead! No, not the one you're voting for next year -- the other one. [Captain's Quarters]

* Iranian bombs now available with custom engraved gift messages. [TPM Muckracker]

* The "Weekly Worst in [Walnuts], because you're just too darn busy to keep up with every McCain flip-flop, sell out or new principle." [The Real McCain]

* Don't forget your nemesis Valentine cards! [Rising Hegemon]


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