Rumors On The Internets: Because 'No Reason' Isn't a Reason

* Bush plans to reject the findings of the Iraq Study Group, for spite. [Law and Politics]

* "Click here to add ultra deadly radioactive poison Polonium-210 to your cart." [Defense Tech]

* New Bush appointee at the Justice Department's Office of Violence Against Women is unconcerned with violence against women, does want to take your bongs and porn. [Feministing]

* Of "The five most powerful people in America over the next eighteen months," only one has ever been the "fourth male lead" in Death to Smoochy. [Robert Reich]

* Giant "Republican Rubberstamp Congress" prop to be retired in whatever hilarious fashion you can think up. [Firedoglake]

* The Associated Press' "Iraqi Police" source in Baghdad turns out to be a "Just Some Crazy Guy" source. [LGF]

* It's not just Bush, Jim "Problem With Authority" Webb can't stand Bill Clinton either. [Powerline Blog]


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