Rumors on the Internets: Belligerence Authors That Which Smugness Recites

  • The Catholic Church goes all Innocent III on Dan Brown. [Wizbang]

  • Liberals: 22-90% of us want to punch your aesthetically displeasing faces. [IMAO]

  • Perception is reality. You're just not very perceptive. [Blogs for Bush]

  • Paganism and Christianity agree: "That's enough, Ms. Coulter." [HuffPo]

  • Be creative. Pen something that'll make a president out of a Republican. If your first thought was "a personal check," you're dull and -- quite possibly -- aesthetically displeasing. [DailyKos]

  • Reality, perception or no, could always use more imagineering. [Rox Populi]

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