Rumors on the Internets: Bloggers Have All the Answers

* Would a clandestine Conservative buy-out of the NYT curb the influence of liberal media? John Hawkins thinks not. Liberals will travel the earth in search of another outlet to control -- until the haunting mass appeal of conservative ideology takes root. [Right Wing News]

* "My folks are driving me nuts. How can I get them to understand that I really do know it all at fifteen?" Blogger Joe offers a frustrated teen some words of encouragement, unsolicited sartorial advice, and some fun things to look forward to as he ages: embarrassing yearbook photos, Tim McGraw concerts, and a treatable case of 24-hour Republicanism. [The Evangelical Outpost]

* Blogger Jay interviews Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt to uncover the truth behind his Constitution Restoration Act. Aderholt tells you what it is, why you need it, and how cautious optimism is keeping it alive. [Stop The ACLU]

* Deepak Chopra answers the questions of your soul. Disillusioned Americans are prescribed a heaping dose of reality to handle the duties of Superpower. [HuffPo]

* Mike Pechar confirms that centuries-old suspicion that the French really like their language. The blogger scolds the stubborn and dramatic Chirac, who abruptly left an EU summit after one of his countrymen addressed the attendees in English. [The Jawa Report]


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