* Feingold cozies up to fringe liberals and same-sex couples; Dems take back his friendship bracelet. [Captain's Quarters]

* The Religious Right parties with Catholics, Mormons, and Muslims to propagate a pro-life agenda. Venue of choice: the United Nations. [Political Cortex]

* Meet Vikas and Oswaldo, two foreigners working in America. One arrived by plane, the other by a flatbed truck under a pile of hay. One lived like a eunuch, the other like a man who saw flashing FREE DAYCARE lights above P.S. 127. Guess which one's not a welcome guest, even if McCain and Kennedy say so. [Right Wing News]

* Dems flirt with two-jobs-and-18-credit-hours college girls on the Pill. [The Fly Trap]

* DeLay's stale cologne lingers on our shirts. Who's strong enough to get theirs dry-cleaned? [DailyKos]


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