* Can't keep your corrupt public servants straight? Consult this list (bulleted, for easy reference) and you'll sound like you read [Daily Kos] a lot. [Daily Kos]

* When he's not postcoitally escaping Ann Coulter, Alec Baldwin's defending his commendation of Bill O'Reilly. Respect Bill's skills, if not his ability to hold back cheap shots at a Baldwin. [HuffPo]

* All those Mexican flags on the left coast got Michelle Malkin confused. Send Old Glory to the DeskJet and wave her proudly. [Michelle Malkin]

* Running out of ways to disappoint Jesus? Pierce your tongue. Contract Herpes. Share someone's toothbrush. Increase your odds of being smote by the increasingly hard to please Christ child. [Evangelical Outpost]

* Globalization need not confuse you. India's money + China's money = Jars of 7,000 pickles with free dental insurance behind the nutrition labels. [Booman Tribune]


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