• North Korean bomb was mad ghetto, their "nuclear scientists are now officially the worst ever." [Defense Tech]

  • Yup, it's definitely gonna happen: Stewart-Colbert '08. [Comedy Central Insider]

  • They've got our vote, even if Jon refuses to admit how much he really, really loves us. [Above The Law]

  • Voting machines nationwide will have the election results pre-entered by the Secretaries of State, so might as well learn their names. [Hullabaloo]

  • Grassroots get-out-the-vote tactics using celebrities from the B,C, and D lists. [Democratic Party Blog]

  • Ray Nagin endorses William Jefferson, calls him a "black Clyde Barrow dude." [KATC News via MoJo Blog]

  • Washington state: where all the state representatives wear sombreros, and "puke 'n rally" is a given. [Shakespeare's Sister, The Stranger]

  • Ah, the mushroom cloud photoshop gags -- funny until they're not. [Sanctuary]

  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It's like 9/11 and Halloween all rolled into one. NEVER FORGET

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