Rumors On The Internets: Dare To Be Stupid

* Fox News is looking to fill the long vacant position of "fact writer." [Mediabistro]

* Silvestre Reyes is smart, just not relevant-to-national-security smart. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* Congressman Roger Wicker, whose Mississippi upbringing imbued him with a deep love for opacity in government operations, wants congressional staff salaries off the internetz. [Potomac Flacks]

* Rahm Emanuel did not have awareness relations with those Mark Foley mails. [Unclaimed Territory]

* It's ironic, don't you think: Andrew Sullivan and Kos voted most annoying bloggers by a blog that is itself extremely annoying. [Right Wing News]

* Rick Santorum's plans for dealing with Iran are easily ignored. [Think Progress]

* Dennis Kucinich doesn't care that you don't care he's running for President. Again. [Political Wire]


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