• Yesterday Sen. Chuck Schumer "seemed to say that as long as Lieberman promised to caucus with Dems and vote for Harry Reid as majority leader, Lieberman would still be in Schumer's good graces." This made Howard Dean's brother and chair of Democracy For America, Jim Dean, totally mad. He had no choice but to send "Dear Supporter" emails earlier today. [Hotline On Call]

  • Don Imus and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow mocked President Jimmy Carter yesterday. "Imus called Carter a "dope" and claimed his presidency had 'humiliat[ed] America,' drawing laughter from Snow." [Think Progress]

  • Is it constitutional to prohibit pregnant women from smoking? [Hit and Run]

  • Yahoo meaner to China than Google, according to Reporters Without Borders. [Winds of Change]

  • Joe Wilson may bring civil suit against Karl Rove. [Wizbang]

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