Rumors On The Internets: Don't Take Syria in the Office Invasion Pool

  • Iran already has a nuclear weapon, American military already in country, world fucked, etc. [The Agonist, Think Progress]

  • Halliburton is totally fine knowing you hate them, as long as the soldiers keep chowing those so very profitable cheeseburgers. [Americablog]

  • Fired Air America talk show host Mike Malloy is now a "l33t hax0r" who wants the "bastard pod-people running our Air America" to rot in hell. [Hot Air]

  • Michigan Republican Mike Rogers is totally cool with anal rape jokes, sodomizing strangers. [Livingston Daily]

  • Senator Saxby Chambliss knows deep down in heart that the south will rise again, but is still pissed about the last time. [Raw Story]

  • Nevada congressional candidates say the darnedest things. [Political Wire]

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