Rumors On the Internets: First Prize Is One Week In DC, Second Prize Is Two Weeks

* Presidential hopefuls travel to Las Vegas this weekend to IM with voters. [Think Progress]

* If it costs $950 to have lunch with Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, then it must cost at least two grand to not have lunch with them. [Charitybuzz]

* Movie-line jokes about Fred Thompson's candidacy to wear thin rapidly. Laugh now. [Vodka Pundit]

* The Other 85 U.S. Attorneys keep truckin' along in their partisan hackaday lives. [Robert Reich]

* Doing things like letting Jack Abramoff out of jail. [Guardian]

* Tom DeLay didn't write or read his own book. [Political Wire]

* Bill O'Reilly's hatred of NBC will be tested. [Intoxination]

* Why is James Inhofe such a dick? [Firedoglake]


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