Rumors On The Internets: "I Don't Know Anything About the Blogs, I'm Not Responsible for Those"

  • Glenn Greenwald goes long on the anti-Murtha movement, posts his letter to lawyer Mark Zaid. [Glenn Greenwald]

  • More on Rumsfeld's Senate Testimony, Think Progress commenter says: "Got an answer for everything. I work with a dude like this. It starts with a conversation about dogs and ends with a conversation about umbrellas..." [Think Progress]

  • Self-proclaimed punky Josh Wolf remains in jail for refusing to turn over video footage of a protest. [Romensko]

  • Ned Lamont apparently doesn't find blackface jokes funny, plays dumb: "I don't know anything about the blogs, I'm not responsible for those, I have no comment on 'em...Independent blogs, I can't say anything about it." [Michelle Malkin]

  • WP's David Broder: "reflects the conventional wisdom of his clique back at them. That's his audience. Once upon a time that clique had power and influence. They imagine they still do, but it's fading, and not because of the rising power of blogofascism. It's because the Bush administration doesn't care what the Grand Old Men of Washington think. They've made that perfectly clear." At least he'll have a lot of drinking buddies when he's put to pasture. [Eschaton]

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