Rumors On The Internets: "I Got Closer to Killing Him Than Anybody"

  • Chris Wallace was in fear of a fair and balanced beat down from Bill "The Mountain" Clinton. [Fishbowl DC]

  • Which was a definite possibility considering Clinton was completely wasted. [LGF]

  • Venezuelan foreign minister mistakes typical airport security hassles for targeted diplomatic snub, Bolton scoffs. [Atlas Shrugs]

  • Bush plans to invade Iran in November, making it neither "October" nor "surprising." [HuffPo]

  • Giant inflatable Bush balloon receives fellatio from British dog at pop show during which no concert-goers understand the metaphor. [Dlisted]

  • From dog blowjobs to pig-fucking accusations, there's a political precedent for everything. [Political Animal]

  • Osama Bin Laden: maybe dead, again. [ABC News (Australia)]

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