• A Republican conspiracy behind falling oil prices is impossible, cause they're not actually falling, sorry. [TPMMuckraker]

  • A former guest on Nancy Grace's show has committed suicide - usually it's just watching the show that makes you want to kill yourself. [Hit & Run]

  • As a youth, nerd king Ben Bernanke carried around a slang dictionary in his pocket so he wouldn't look like a "square" if he saw a "bird" he "dug." [Bloomberg]

  • While the US has multi-billion dollar Global War On Terror to curb extremism, the Russians use vodka and a few good hookers. [Shakespeare's Sister]

  • Massive new "Ground One" amusement park being built in California. Just like "Ground Zero," only better. [YouTube]

  • Video gamers refuse to vote until ballot machines "get better graphics, dude." [Slashdot]

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