Rumors On The Internets: It's Not The Size of Your Weapon, But How Many Shots You Fire An Hour

  • Conservative British economists endorse Pelosi, enjoy her adherence to "pinkies out" style of tea drinking. [Democracy in America]

  • Tax payers give Bob Ney his last bribe -- to get the fuck out of town. [TPM Muckraker]

  • You know they're loaded for fun: camouflaged girls, with machine guns. [Dean's World]

  • Mike Jones would turn you gay, too. [Boozhy]

  • Washington Post Co. makes money getting kids into journalism school, loses it making journalism. [Romenesko]

  • Fridays are made for buttsex haikus. [Rude Pundit]

  • Dick Cheney will be here all week, ladies and gentlemen. [The Swamp]

  • Ivy league university President enjoys Halloween, terror humor. [Democracy Project]

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