Rumors On The Internets: Kansas Senator Finally Put In Prison

* Sam Brownback figures if he spends the night in jail, he'll have to get some nutsack to butt-crack lovin'. [Political Ticker]

* Donald Rumsfeld is even in denial about the American Civil War. [Think Progress]

* "Experts" are now "evaluating" Ted Haggard's gayness. [Pandagon]

* Laura Bush is too classy to slap the bitch that was wearing her same dress -- she just had highly trained Secret Service agents go and fetch her another one. [Boozhy]

* "The greatest actor, ever" shares his wisdom on how to defeat terrorism, and defeat it the F.A.G. way. [HuffPo]

* Everything William Jefferson does is shady as shit. [MyDD]

* Noam Chomsky "could fart and it would smell like wisdom." [Power, Seduction and War]


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