Rumors on the Internets: Like A Field Day For Crazies

  • A cabin in Montana and a copy of Newsweek is all you need to forget this world forever. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • Economics wonks: "9-11 was not that big an event." DOES THEIR CONTRARIANISM KNOW NO BOUNDS? [Freakonomics]

  • The Rude One pens his power ballad at ground zero, finds roses still thorny. [Rude Pundit]

  • Freaks don't just come out at night, they are also regular attendees of disaster anniversaries. [Little Green Footballs]

  • White House maintaining policy of admitting to things 18 months after The New Yorker finds them out. [The Cool Honey]

  • Bill Richardson eats cheetah steaks for breakfast just because it's so baller. [The Corsair]

  • Abu Ghraib prisoners now torturing selves over complaining about American torture, which apparently isn't close to Iraqi torture. [Telegraph]

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