Rumors on the Internets: Lunacy Took the Red-eye

* Ken "Wanna See Me Fit My Whole Foot In My Mouth?" Livingstone made London proud again. Blogger David Bernstein gives him a crash course in Jewish marriage -- with a thinly veiled hint that he's registered at Pottery Barn. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* The Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't want the kids learning creationism. Tristero, blogging live from sixteenth-century England, claims the trend-setting Archbishop has "irrevocably recast the [creationism] debate." [Hullabaloo]

* Josh! Come stai? Come si dice "Run this script by De Niro" in italiano? [Talking Points Memo]

* John Burgess petitions Tiger Beat for a Tony Blair spread. [Outside the Beltway]

* The Amazon is thriving on its own decay. Research dibs on "Orrin Hatch: Biome in Disguise" [Tim Blair]


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