Rumors on The Internets: Many Puns Rely on Homophones for Their Humor

  • The Sunlight Foundation releases new Congressional Poll, saddest joke. [Captain's Quarters]

  • Kim Jong-il loves Juicy Juche. [Dean's World]

  • "When I have a few drinks, I feel like a supermodel" and "Am I very bad person if I admit that a) there are things that I've done drunk that I wouldn't have done sober and b) I'm really glad that I did some of those things?" [Feministing]

  • Robert Mueller's password and dictionary attacks: "I had to do one on a former boss' computer because he had forgotten the administrative password and it only took me about 5 minutes to do using a Pentium II 233MHz computer." [The Angry Fag]

  • Number of fake blogs created every day by websites to improve their search engine rankings: 6,750. [Daily Kos]

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