* Outside the beltway naiveté rears its cute little non-partisan head as most Americans respond, "I don't know," when asked who they want for President in '08. [The Swamp]

* It'd be nice if for once we didn't have to say it -- Robert Gates is richer than you. [TPM Muckraker]

* The blog-commenter race wars continue as some feriners stank ass forces a plane to make an emergency landing. [TalkLeft]

* Rudy Giuliani: America's "hyper-authoritarian narcissist with a lust for overkill verging on the sociopathic" Mayor. [Salon]

* William Jefferson is still running for Congress and from the FBI. [Election Central]

* Christopher Hitchens outs himself. [Echidne of the Snakes]

* Happy birthday, Booze! [Hit & Run]


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