• Liberals are mean, get slapped on collective wrist. [Blogs for Bush]

  • "Instead of the donkey as a party mascot, the Democrats may want to consider a more exotic animal. Peter Beinart has a suggestion -- the pander bear." [Captain's Quarters]

  • Fired-for-no-apparent-reason Gawker Editor Jesse Oxfeld hired as senior editor for New York magazine's website. [Romenesko]

  • "Sen. Hillary Clinton is looking for new ways to reach out to white working and middle class voters - especially those who live in exurbs and rural areas. According to several Democratic sources and others on the periphery of Clinton's team, an old, press-shy face is part of her the inner circle: marketing whiz Roy Spence, a Clinton family confidant since the 1970s." [Hotline On Call]

  • The cool kids have a new way to talk about "the combination of slow growth and high inflation," and that's Stagflation. Just rolls off the tongue. [Political Animal]

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