Rumors On The Internets: More Like Warren G. Hard-on

  • George Allen's campaign is broke, sends memo threatening 50 lashes to any staffer caught deserting their station. [Hotline On Call]

  • NRCC held containment meetings while Pagefuckergate was still a twinkle in Brian Ross's eye. [Talk Left]

  • Today is the birthday of former President Warren G. "Original Regulator" Harding, best known for holding the title of "Worst President Ever" from 1921 through 2003. [This Day in Mythstory]

  • OMFG! Barack Obama involved in shady deal! Tells crime boss, "I'll mow your lawn if you mow mine." [The Volokh Conspiracy]

  • Tom DeLay defines torture as, "things Jackie Chan does to bad guys." [Think Progress]

  • New marijuana legislation on the West coast will require that police, "just be cool, man." [MoJo Blog]

  • Not that anyone will care, but all the details on Don "Choke 'Em If Ya Got 'Um" Sherwood should be available November 8th . [Political Wire]

  • Hell, we'd just as soon vote for this guy as any of the other losers this year. [YouTube]

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