Rumors On The Internets: Narcoleptic Narcissists

* It wasn't just Walnuts -- half the Senate was passed out in their seats during SOTU. [David All]

* New blog is dedicated to the nut-mouthed wonder. [The Real McCain]

* Barack Obama has more MySpace friends than any other candidate. Barack Obama's MySpace friends are just as retarded as every other candidate. [Personal Democracy]

* Dick Cheney always sees, "the glass half full ... of poison!" [Think Progress]

* Brainless Hill staffers are easy to find. This soulless group took some digging. [TPM Muckracker]

* Nebraska's new "terror-free" gas station is the redneck equivalent of your hybrid. [Passport]

* John Edwards tells Jason DeParle, "That's not a house -- this is a house." [Carolina Journal]


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