Rumors On The Internets: Never Overestimate America

* Soon-to-be former congressman John "McSmacky" Sweeney proves he's more of a vindictive, conspiratorial asshole then we gave him credit for. [TPM Muckraker]

* Plan to shame Americans into voting fails as people too lazy to vote are also too lazy to read. [Freakonomics]

* The SCOTUS murder plot: Ann Coulter's fault, natch. [Above the Law]

* Karl Rove may leave the administration in "weeks, not months." Tells Democrats, "You won't have me to kick you around any more." [Think Progress]

* Cynthia McKinney's successor is a no punching, pacifist pussy. [Election Central]

* Swing by Constitution Ave. and pick up your $963. [Congress Blog]

* Ted Stevens afraid to buy green bananas, not scared of running for Senate again in 2008. [Wizbang Politics]

* Rick Santorum, however; won't run in '08 - insuring world is safe for buttlove through at least 2012! [Political Wire]


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