Rumors on the Internets: Oh, Put A Sock In It!

* Boston pitcher Curt Schilling lashes out at the press: "If you haven't figured it out by now, working in the media is a pretty nice gig. Barring outright plagiarism or committing a crime, you don't have to be accountable if you don't want to. You can say what you want when you want and you don't really have to answer to anyone." Yeah, but having to play captive audience to Rich Little along with every single one of your ass-bag colleagues tends to even the score. [Eat The Press]

* Hoping to blunt America's enthusiasm for the Democrats plan to lose the war in Iraq, the administration touts the fact that they've sent another "top al-Qaeda leader to" Gitmo. That'll work until you all remember that the last "top level" al-Qaeda guy they brought in turned out to be some sort of mentally ill chaffeur, and that a year ago, they were trying to convince us that Gitmo was some sort of Islamic demi-paradise where people ate "two kinds of fruit." [CNN]

* Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, USAID Administrator, resigned today in order to spend more time withholding vital aid from his family. [Wikipedia]

* REVEALED! Al Gore's world-saving shenanigans mask his real purpose: to poison unsuspecting hayseeds with newfangled lightbulbs! [WorldNetDaily]

* Dick Cheney's Investment Advisor sez: "we are now seeing the first worldwide bubble in history, covering all asset classes." Blerg. []


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