Rumors On The Internets: On Saying It v. Spraying It

  • George Bush had intentionally avoided Mark Foley for years because he was scared of "catching teh gay." [Waveflux]

  • Rule number 1: Tony Snow is security. Rule number 2: If you think Tony Snow is committing a security violation, see rule number 1. [Potomac Flacks]

  • Wannabe serial killer John Mark Karr now running for congress: "For once we'd have a politician who is willing to take responsibility." [The Dilbert Blog]

  • Bob Ney won't resign from Congress until he saves up enough money for a plane ticket back to Ohio so he can watch his house get repossessed. [The Gaggle]

  • Chris Shays is appalled at what happened at Abu Ghraib, and will personally make sure it's never available on DVD for $19.95. [Talking Points Memo]

  • A country that's regressing into childhood needs a leader who's willing to make his own club house and keep people off his birthday party invite list, and Joe Lieberman is that leader. [LMNOP]

  • Debate turns ugly when Rick Santorum's foamy mouth covers Bob Casey in anger-powered projectile spittle. [Political Animal]

  • Joke nothing, most of these people would probably be significantly more qualified than the current cabinet. [CourtTV]

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