Rumors On The Internets: Propping Up Brain-Dead Geezers

* "Hundreds" of journalists from "top papers" happy to forsake journalism to begin capricious motherfucker apprenticeship with Bob Woodward. [Boston Herald]

* Tim Johnson to steal from Strom Thurmond's playbook and have, "epoxy and polyurethane to prevent his skin from drooping off his skull ," before allowing a Republican replacement. [Rude Pundit]

* A couple years of governing Massachusetts has made Mitt Romney hate the gays. Actually, just being Mitt Romney has made Mitt Romney hate the gays. [Andrew Sullivan]

* Budding online romance sends Malkin to Iraq., finally [Michelle Malkin]

* Democrats use powerful new media tools to strong political advantage. []

* Louisiana banker tries sneaky The Price Is Right bidding technique to land a dinner date with Katrina fuck-up Kathleen Blanco for only $1. [AP]


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