Rumors on the Internets: Rove Buys Lieberman A Website

  • Joe Lieberman's got a blog up, and it's just as full of Ned Lamont quotes as you thought it'd be. [Joe2006]

  • Lieberman payola! He took millions from Republicans in exchange for promises of obedient voting, if he, you know, gets to keep the job. [Insight]

  • Republican plan to scare voters away from Democrats with the specter of a Pelosi speakership will fail because Americans are dumb as fuck. [MyDD]

  • CBS worried that FCC will be issuing fines over NYC firefighters' filthy mouths, thanks to Janet Jackson's titties. [Hit & Run]

  • Iran debuts a homegrown fighter plane and claims it "is similar to the F-18 but more powerful." American pilots do a collective "bullshit" cough into their hands. [Vodka Pundit]

  • Tom Delay using lobbying experience to affect outcome of this season's Dancing With The Stars, Tucker Carlson is pissed. [Think Progress]

  • The secret pork hold is on again, now it's off, now it's on. [TPMmuckraker]

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