* James Carville says of Howard Dean: "I would describe his leadership as Rumsfeldian in its competence." [Window on Washington]

* Jack Abramoff loved Byron Dorgan and Byron Dorgan loved Jack Abramoff. [Say Anything]

* Fred Thompson should replace John Bolton at the UN. His experience in international diplomacy acquired during The Hunt for Red October and the daring Aces: Iron Eagle III missions will serve him well. [World Wide Standard]

* It happened again: actual White House makes error Bartlet White House made in 2004. [Think Progress]

* Tucker Carlson accuses President Bush of being a lightweight partier, says he can only handle, "like three beers or something." [Media Matters]

* Somebody paid $2 million to Palestinian militants for the release of kidnapped Fox News reporters. Bill O'Reilly thinks it's a bargain, as it cost him more than that, "to get that bitch to shut up about the falafel." [World Net Daily]


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