Rumors on the Internets: Say It Ain't So

  • Homely, pub-crawling Britons are fixtures on the international conscience. Don't take that away from us. [OxBlog]

  • Our apologies, displaced and heartbroken Chagossian natives, but we chucked some tea in the water a few years back and now we're callin' the shots. [THE ASIA KOREA TIDE]

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bespectacled man in possession of a popular blog must join the cacophony of Malkin-bashers. [Talking Points Memo]

  • Coupling is overrated. Chew on that thought today; digest it in thirty years. [the evangelical outpost]

  • Sadly, impressionable school-age children and sprightly homeless men -- 'Rumors on the Internets' target demographic -- may not be able to enjoy the intelligent musings of the blogosphere. Lucky bastards. [Classical Values]

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