Rumors On The Internets: Season of Giving Not Receiving Rights

* Don't forget, starting January 1 no more indentured servants in New Hampshire. [Washington Wire]

* Traditional children's Christmas poem reimagined, with skinny kid instead of little round belly. [Hotline on Call]

* Bill O'Reilly has fond memories of all the things Liberace had. [Media Matters]

* Guys who think legalized abortion stops criminals before they happen really like Tom DeLay's blog. [Freakonomics]

* If Christopher Dodd actually believes hiring Kerry's '04 campaign manager will win him the nomination, he's not winning the nomination. [The Swamp]

* Death of Turkmeni dictator could allow for new American military base near the Iranian border, so that's convenient. [Think Progress, The Economist]

* Jimmy Carter not racist, just baby racist, diet racist, racist light -- like a racist drink with too many ice cubes. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* The skeleton in Bill Richardson's closet wears a blue dress. [Wizbang Politcs]


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