Rumors On The Internets: Tastes Great, Fills Country With Cheap Labor

  • When Bill Clinton called Disney CEO Robert Iger to tell him to fix that "Path to 9/11" bullshit, Iger said, "how high?" [The Ostroy Report]

  • All new ABC pseudo-historical docudramas will air the disclaimer, "The film you are about to see has been modified to fit your perceived cultural biases." [Swedes for Obama]

  • Fred Phelps wants you to know that God hates John Stewart and his "hooligan sidekick" Stephen Colbert just as much as he hates fags. [Comedy Central]

  • Blackberry addiction now a lawsuit worthy phenomenon. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

  • Jack Abramoff called Rove, "a fat fuck," did loads of other shady stuff. [TPMmuckraker]

  • Michelle Malkin wants you to say "No!" to anarchist beer producers, crushes can with her foot as proof. [Hot Air]

  • Ann Coulter's "evil quotes" not quite tied directly to book sales, Gawker provides a chart in the hopes she say something that goes off it. [Gawker]

  • Pakistani security services instantly locate a bikini-contest contestant. Osama still lost. [Hit & Run]

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