• Lebanese author Riad Kassis doesn't know what to tell his 7-year-old daughter about the "bombs falling in Lebanon." Slice of Laodicea asks: "Maybe his seven-year-old daughter could sympathize with those Israeli children who have died because of this ongoing terrorist activity." Burn. [Slice of Laodicea]

  • "Some Democrats are privately hoping they lose in November so Pelosi will not get a promotion." [Red State]

  • Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams to hundreds of schoolchildren yesterday: "'Right now, I would love to kill George Bush.' Her young audience at the Brisbane City Hall clapped and cheered." [Blogs for Bush]

  • "Cases are currently moving through the federal courts that challenge the legality of Bush's domestic surveillance program and they have the potential to provide the first substantive oversight of spying taking place outside of FISA. Specter's legislation would make meaningful judicial review virtually impossible - and thus give the Bush administration freedom to operate as they please without having to worry about Congress or the courts stepping in to check their expansion of powers." Firedoglake provides phone and fax numbers. [Firedoglake]

  • CNN organizes Mortal Kombat-style martial arts tournament for Middle East correspondents. Anderson Cooper, Test Your Might! [Eschaton]

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