• Foley's replacement on the GOP ticket in Florida has never even heard of himself. [TPMMuckraker]

  • It wasn't just teenage boys. Mark Foley also liked to "cut open illegal Ecuadorian immigrants and fuck their still pumping aortas." [Rude Pundit]

  • Democrats send out email blast about Foley without even blog-level fact checking. [Washington Wire]

  • Ben Stein calls Democrats pedophile-enablers. [Hit & Run]

  • Supreme court upholds Texas ban on dildos; loophole exists if they're used for, "legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose ." [Pandagon]

  • Is Pennsylvania Congressional candidate Don Sherwood gonna have to choke a bitch? [YouTube]

  • Ah, Britain -- where paging a terrorist to remind him to board a plane is still considered funny, not a felony. [YouTube]

  • How will Iraq, sex scandals, and the economy affect the midterm election? Just watch the share price -- if anybody can see the future it's coked-up Wall Street gambling addicts. [Tradesports]

  • In Gonzales' Justice Department, anything goes. Seriously, margaritas at lunch and Friday's No-Pants day. [Above the Law]

  • "Funny" Mark Foley t-shirts. [Spreadshirt, CafePress]

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