• Rick Santorum has decided he doesn't want Pennsylvania's tax dollars used to finance genocide anymore. [The Carpetbagger Report]

  • And he also thinks George Bush is a big "soft on terror" pussy. [The Swamp]

  • Bill Maher's Halloween costume: almost as original as his show. [Shakespeare's Sister]

  • Michael J. Fox's lust for baby harvesting causes at least 6 people to drop Back to the Future from their Netflix queues. [Pandagon]

  • Osama's dead, or in Djibouti. [The Jawa Report]

  • David Letterman channels a time when he was funnier, meaner than Bill O'Reilly. [Power, Seduction, and War, C&L]

  • Wolf Blitzer has more than just a brown nose. [Whiskey Bar]

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