Rumors On The Internets: The Ridiculous Waste of Time That Is 2007

* The root of Jim Webb's hatred of Bush? It's jealousy -- he wants the top spot, will run in 2008. [Political Insider]

* Space cadet Joe Biden is running too, or will once he figures out what party he's in. [TPM Cafe]

* James Carville says, "Ah, fuck it," throws Al Gore's hat in the ring. [Hotline on Call]

* Of course the end of Bush means the end of the greatest boon to political jokesters in history. Jon Stewart knows it, plans to leave The Daily Show after the 2008 election. UPDATE: Story totally changed in response to Wonkette linking it. We stand by the original rumor. [The Apiary]

* Illegal aliens in America are some stone cold killers. [WorldNetDaily]

* Until they take the new citizenship exam, after which their murderous urges will be channeled into discourses on the subtle peculiarities of representative government. [Blondesense]

* White House holiday party menu noticeably lacking in shame. [Salon]


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