Rumors On The Internets: The Word of The Day is "Cronyism"

  • List of top 20 most ethically corrupt members of Congress released. Not. One. Single. Surprise. [TPMMuckraker]

  • Katherine Harris will claw her way to legitimacy, even if those claws need to go in Jeb Bush's eye. [The Democratic Party Blog]

  • Blogger fired for lack of partisanship. Now with dream of liberated political thought smashed, the 'sphere sheds a tear. [Politcal Bite]

  • "Short-timers syndrome" has infected Bill Frist, who could really care less abut any torture bill that's not taking place in the bedroom of his Nashville manse. [The Left Coaster]

  • Hugo Chavez calls Bush "the devil" on floor of UN, other elementary school insults also levied. [The Jawa Report]

  • Joenerita turns to Joemeltdown as Lieberman takes it from all sides, and is definitely canceling his subscription to GQ. [HuffPo]

  • Reading a headline like, "Man Bites Panda" is proof of why you should never get drunk and watch Anchorman. [CNEWS]

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