Rumors On The Internets: They Call Them Snowflake Babies 'Cause They Got the Snow, Baby

  • Michelle Malkin's "Hezbollah is not my problem" syndicated column begins today. [Michelle Malkin]

  • Red State honors Bush, tsks Frist: "Mr. Frist has shown us exactly the kind of leader he is--one absolutely willing to throw the leader of his party and his pro-life supporters under the bus for the support of the pharmaceutical lobby." [Red State]

  • The Angry Fag: "But if these sex offenders are so dangerous to require registries, notifications, electronic monitoring and other such things why are they being let out of prison at all? [The Angry Fag]

  • "Without any kind of court verdict in regards to legality on the NSA surveillance program, the ACLU continue to stomp their feet, consistently labelling it as 'illegal' when there has been no official ruling of any kind." [Stop The ACLU]

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