• There are telltale signs hidden in the details of the Cocktober Surprise, sitting there, waiting to be discovered - clues that God himself orchestrated the "Do I make you horny?" IM convos. [Unclaimed Territory]

  • Rove aide and sports fan Susan Ralston resigns over Abramoff scandal. [TPMMuckraker]

  • North Korea's not building nukes to bargain with, they're building them to blow shit up with. [Captain's Quarters]

  • Obama is exactly twice the dinner companion that John Kerry is -- but should eat more, he's still kinda a skinny kid. [The Swamp]

  • David Ignatius gets a big fat late pass. [Sadly, No!]

  • Bush to be impeached, basically any minute now. [After Downing Street]

  • David Brooks thinks Mark Foley is a folk hero to be "worshiped at consciousness-raising drum circles." [Hit & Run]

  • It's a 3-day weekend guys, better start puffing down so you can remember it. [ScrappleFace]

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