Rumors On The Internets: Two Sexy Tigers

  • When Cheney faces a Democrat "he turns into a tiger, a very, very angry tiger. Someday, he's going to shoot a Democrat in the face." [PatriotBoy]

  • New heights of blogger partisanship, University of Arizona psych Professor Deborah Frisch makes death threats against the 2 year old child of Protein Wisdom's Jeff Goldstein. [Blackfive]

  • Pack your bags for the second annual GodBlogCon: "I had one of the best times I had all year." [The Evangelical Outpost]

  • Politicians don't know wiki from wicca, but Jimmy Wales launches social wiki for political campaigns anyway. [John Battelle's Searchblog]

  • "If we really believe that marriage is an inducement to stay married, why not offer a financial bonus for gays to get married to straight people, a 'stay in the closet' incentive?" [HuffPo]

  • Nicole Richie is banging Jeff Goldblum. You may wonder what place this item has here. Let us remind you that Goldblum played an ex-scientist turned cable technician who discovered that aliens were to attack New York, Los Angeles, and Washington in Independence Day. [AgentBedHead]

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