Rumors on the Internets: Vote, or Die a Little Inside

* "Hungry" and "angry" Dems star in Steve Benen's so far unscripted and plot-less Democratic presidential campaign. [The Carpetbagger Report]

* DarkSyde likes his Dems -- and unregistered's -- even angrier. Vote for us, Joe Undecided, because Karl Rove hates you. Um, plot development? [DailyKos]

* Tony Blankley drank his latte, watched an MLK Jr. clip, tore Tuesday off his Norman Vincent Peale calendar, and smugly blogged for despondent congressmen types. [Real Clear Politics]

* Port controversy, violent hurricane, bloody civil war with no foreseeable end: we got that goin' for us, which is nice. [The Jawa Report]

* If you're not angry enough to vote, maybe it's because April 15th isn't here yet. John Irons' take on tax reform (alternatively: "tax reform") -- unlike the empty promises of rap mogul PSA's -- will actually make you die. [Think Progress]


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