Rumors On The Internets: We Weren't Alive In The Sixties

  • "There's a growing constituency of low-income white folks in America who aren't duped any longer... Back in the Sixties, along with the Black Panthers, Young Lords, and the Brown Berets, there was a group of what detractors derided as "white trailer trash" called Rising Up Angry. Its awareness and militancy were second to none." [Smirking Chimp]

  • In a blog clusterfuck, Daily Kos (Markos Moulitsas) disses TNR for defecting to the right, LGF says "Moulitsas' conspiracy-oriented mindset echoes the anti-rational paranoia of radical Islam." [LGF]

  • Apocalyptic Left Behind video games record which video ads and product placements you view, where your computer is located geographically, and how many New Yorkers you fail to convert and then murder. [Talk To Action]

  • Glenn Greenwald on Jose Padilla: "Jose Padilla spent 3.5 years of his life in jail, for charges that the administration is not willing to test in a court of law. Yet it is now bringing a case against Padilla that is "light on facts." [Glenn Greenwald]

  • "Essentially, from time to time Negroponte pulls a toy rabbit around a track and lets the righties get some exercise by running in circles, chasing it." [The Mahablog]

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