Rumors on the Internets: When the Rain Comes

  • Peter Daou joins the HRC team as "blog adviser." To help "reach out" to the "netroots." Drum up support in the "blosophere," on the "information superhighway." Become the first "e-candidate," win the "iPrimary." [Daou Report]

  • "Washington Deluge Foretold by Global Warming Book"? Yes. That book is called Genesis, people! [HuffPo]

  • When studying the data related to single-sex schooling, it's important to note that the distracting presence of boys can prevent girls from traveling to Jupiter, to get more stupider. [Hit&Run]

  • More angry letters from cranks. [PJMedia]

  • Guy with hat suggests profitable media company sell self to publisher whose flagship New York paper loses more money more spectacularly than any other. [Ed Driscoll]

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