Rumors On The Internets: You Cry Babies Have No Clue and Shit for Memories

  • Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has learned nothing from HBO's Big Love. [Political Animal]

  • Lieutentant Ehren Watada refuses to go to Iraq when Stryker Brigade is deployed. Wizbang readers want him shot: "They had a better way of dealing with this sort of thing during WWII. It was called a 'firing squad'" and then turn on each other: "You cry babies have no clue and shit for memories." [Wizbang]

  • House Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis' (R-CA) is even more screwed. Remember when Letitia White bought a house with a defense contractor who wanted funds earmarked from Lewis' committee? And then that house turned out to be the headquarters for a Political Action Committee? Today we learn that PAC is operated by Lewis' stepdaughter, Julie Willis-Leon. [TPM Muckraker]

  • Zakaria Amara is punk as shit: "I hate flags. I hate countries... I hate man made laws.... I hate nationalism with a passion..." Or, as the Sex Pistols put it: "Get Pissed Destroy!" [Pajamas Media]

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